Yvonne Bakkum

Yvonne Bakkum
Director Private Equity, FMO

Yvonne Bakkum is Director Private Equity at FMO (the Netherlands Development Bank) since April 2007. FMO’s private equity team manages a portfolio of both direct and fund investments totaling more than EUR 1 billion in committed capital. The portfolio has grown significantly during recent years, notably in Africa. Since 2009, FMO places increased emphasis on investments in financial sector, renewable energy and low income housing.

Upon joining FMO in 2001, Ms. Bakkum worked for 4 years as Senior Investment Officer and  Manager Business Development Latin America, where she was responsible for acquisition, structuring and monitoring of structured finance transactions in the Andean and Mercosur countries. In 2005, she became Manager Credit Analysis and Deputy Chairman of FMO’s Investment Committee.

Ms. Bakkum started her career with ABN AMRO Bank in 1992, where she held various positions with a focus on corporate finance and project finance in emerging markets. A keen interest to resume and deepen her professional involvement in emerging markets triggered the transfer from ABN AMRO to FMO in 2001. 

She holds a masters degree in business economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam.