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Year-End 2016 Emerging Markets Private Capital Industry Statistics

Key Takeaways:

1. Private Capital Activity Increased in Select Key Markets Beyond the BRICs. Fundraising for Turkey-focused vehicles was the highest since 2012, while disclosed capital invested in Mexico doubled and deals completed increased 40%.

2. Private Credit Fund Managers Raised a Record Amount of Capital. Private credit fund managers raised US$5.9B in 2016, the highest total recorded by EMPEA since it began tracking fundraising in 2006.

3. Venture Capital Deals Slowed, While Fundraising Continued to New Heights. VC investment activity declined in 2016, due largely to a slowdown in Emerging Asia; fundraising, however, climbed to US$9.8B, the highest level on record.

4. Oil & Gas Investment Recovered Across EM Regions. Published 20 February 2017. After a down year, capital invested in the oil & gas sector recovered in 2016; consumer services investments, which has mirrored buoyant VC activity, fell by deal count and capital invested.

5. Large Funds’ Weight in EM Fundraising Persisted. Capital raised by large funds can dramatically impact headline fundraising totals; moreover, fewer small funds were raised in 2016, continuing a multi-year trend.

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