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The EMPEA Thread in November 2016.

The Thread provides additional analysis of EMPEA's industry statistics, interviews and insight on emerging markets private equity and venture capital, highlighting data trends, notable developments and challenges facing the industry.

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What does a Trump administration in the U.S. mean for emerging markets private capital investing?

The election of President Trump will prove to have long-term economic ramifications that cannot be underestimated. I believe this was a tectonic shift that will pivot our world, the global economy and our industry into a new, potentially troubling direction.

Drawing out the implications for our industry of this electoral outcome will require some crystal ball gazing, with considerable margin for error. Following that generously sized caveat, I see the following eight "big picture" ramifications for our industry:

  1. Emerging market allocations
  2. Emerging market infrastructure
  3. Inflation, monetary policy and the U.S. dollar
  4. Climate change investments
  5. International trade
  6. International political stability
  7. Development policies
  8. Tax policies