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Private Equity in the Middle East and North Africa

The Special Report: Private Equity in the Middle East and North Africa provides a data-driven analysis of the broad range of private equity opportunities across the region—with a deep dive into the fundraising and investment dynamics in both the Middle East and North Africa. The publication, researched and written by EMPEA Consulting Services with support from EMPEA Member Firms, features a variety of stakeholder perspectives including local and global fund managers, institutional investors, law firms, placement agents, and local venture capital and private equity associations. The report also features case studies that demonstrate the critical role that private capital can play in building better businesses and driving private sector development.

Key findings of this Special Report include:

  • Private equity offers investors greater access to the strong consumer opportunity in the Middle East and North Africa in comparison to the public markets
  • The current roster of fund managers making these investments is comprised of seasoned professionals who have negotiated previous waves of political and economic volatility
  • Following the global financial crisis, value creation and operational improvements have become a key focus for the region’s private equity firms, which has translated into strong deal-level returns
  • An improving exit environment has the region’s private equity industry optimistic on the future

EMPEA would like to thank the following firms for their committed support: AfricInvest, Al Masah Capital Limited, Gulf Capital, NBK Capital Partners, Swicorp and TVM Capital Healthcare Partners

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