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Impact Case Study: Fleurhof

International Housing Solutions (IHS) invested ZAR105.8 million (US$13.2 million) to develop the project and committed an additional ZAR24.1 million (US$3.1 million) for the purchase of 162 units for its own rental portfolio

  • Company Headquarters: South Africa
  • Business focus: Residential real estate

Impact Highlights

  • Fleurhof helps close the gap in the “missing middle” of South Africa’s residential real estate market and plans to eventually house over 30,000 moderate to mid-income urban workers

  • The project shall employ over 1,000 skilled and unskilled local workers and seeks to promote community through the inclusion of schools, religious sites, business centers and community gardens

  • The project will sell 2,818 units to the government for heavily subsidized housing, and 3,000 social and rental units to social housing institutions

  • 90% of Fleurhof’s workforce consists of unskilled workers from previously disadvantaged backgrounds; 7–10% of them are women


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