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Assessing Private Equity Trends Worldwide

Posted On: 12 Sep 2016  |  Source: Knowledge@Wharton  |  Category: EMPEA in the News

Private equity remains bullish about China in the face of its slowing economy, as firms spot opportunities in the nation’s transition to a consumer-driven market from an export-driven one. But they are picking their investments more carefully, making sure they are aligned with long-term sector trends such as shifting demographics. Moreover, changes in China’s IPO rules are welcomed by PE firms because going public is an increasingly important exit strategy. Southeast Asia is also strong as a PE target even though there has been a rebalancing towards developed economies of late. Michael Rogers, EY’s global deputy private equity leader, and Stephen M. Sammut, a senior fellow and lecturer at Wharton, discussed PE trends globally with Knowledge@Wharton...

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The Africa Special 2016

Posted On: 12 Sep 2016  |  Source: Private Equity International  |  Category: EMPEA in the News

The Africa rising story is a familiar tale. A vast continent, bountiful natural resources, rapid urbanisation and a nascent private equity market that offers big opportunities to those brave enough to take the plunge. With an emerging middle class of aspirational consumers it’s all too easy to paint a picture of untold potential riches at the end of this particular African rainbow...

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Private Equity Backs Away From Emerging Markets

Posted On: 9 Sep 2016  |  Source: Barron's  |  Category: EMPEA in the News

Investors are finally warming to emerging markets. The iShares MSCI Emerging Markets exchange-traded fund has jumped 17% this year, and emerging markets funds of all kinds have marked more than $130 billion in inflows, according to the Institute for International Finance in Washington.

But numbers from the private-equity sector make you wonder if something is wrong with this picture. New capital commitments to emerging market private-equity funds dropped 42% in 2015 to about $40 billion, and are plunging again this year toward 2009 levels, says London-based data tracker Preqin...

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