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Cuba will be the ‘powerhouse of the Caribbean’: panelist

Posted On: 22 May 2015  |  Source: PE HUB | Author: Chris Witkowsky  |  Category: EMPEA in the News

At a conference focused on opportunities in emerging markets this month, Cuba found some love. A panel of investment professionals at the IFC EMPEA Global Private Equity Conference in Washington DC discussing opportunities in Latin American was optimistic about the chances of Cuba reforming enough to attract new investment dollars. The U.S. and Cuban governments announced on Dec. 17 efforts to restore diplomatic relations after 50 years of hostility...

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Q&A: ECP’s Hurley Doddy on Myths of Africa and the Arrival of Megafirms

Posted On: 18 May 2015  |  Source: The Wall Street Journal | Author: Hillary Canada  |  Category: EMPEA in the News

Fundraising in Africa reached a record $4 billion in 2014, but the demand for capital still far exceeds the supply, a panel of private equity executives told attendees of the Global Private Equity Conference hosted earlier this week by the International Finance Corp. and the Emerging Markets Private Equity Association...

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IPO appetites returning in Egypt

Posted On: 18 May 2015  |  Source: The National | Author: Adam Bouyamourn  |  Category: EMPEA in the News

The return of buyout firms to Egypt is boosting investor appetite for share sales as a period of political turmoil is replaced by improving business confidence. Egypt is the Middle East’s only bright spot for IPOs, a recent EY report said, following this year’s oversubscribed offerings from Orascom Holding, Orascom Hotels and Development, and the food manufacturer Edita raised a combined total of more than US$1 billion in new equity...

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Pengelolaan Investasi di Asia Pasifik Masih Menjanjikan (Investment Management in Asia Pacific)

Posted On: 8 Apr 2015  |  Source: Investor Daily (Indonesia)  |  Category: EMPEA in the News

JAKARTAAsia Pasifik masih menjadi kawasan paling menjanjikan untuk sektor private equity (pengelolaan investasi) tahun ini, dengan nilai dealing mencapai US$ 81 miliar pada tahun 2014, naik dari US$ 50 miliar pada tahun 2013. Itu merupakan titik balik (rebound) sejak tiga tahun belakangan. Demikian disampaikan perusahaan konsultan global, Bain & Co. Head of Bain's Private Equity Practice untuk kawasan Asia Pasifik, Suvir Varma, menyatakan saat ini industri pengelolaan investasi tengah membaik dari volatilitas ekonomi global beberapa...

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