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US revival warrants EM strategy rethink

Posted On: 16 May 2014  |  Source: Financial Times  |  Author: John Authers  |  Category: EMPEA in the News

Ignore the words of investing’s greatest brand marketeer at your peril. The man who gave us emerging markets now suggests that the linchpin of growth in the world is moving back to the developed world. The implications are profound. Antoine van Agtmael, for many years an official of the International Finance Corporation, coined the term “emerging markets” in 1982. He wanted to foster equity investing in the developing world, and end a dangerous addiction to debt...

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Being an Emerging Manager in an Emerging Market: Difficult, but Not Impossible

Posted On: 15 May 2014  |  Source: Dow Jone LBO Wire  |  Authors: Hillary Canada  |  Category: EMPEA in the News

Raising money as an emerging manager or in an emerging market each presents its own set of challenges, doubly so if both of those labels apply to a single firm. Limited partners flooded capital into emerging markets private equity in the years after the global financial crisis, seeking further diversification and outzised returns. However, the tide seems to have turned recently. Emerging markets-focused private equity funds took home just 12% of the dollars raised in 2013, down from 21% a year earlier and the lowest level since 2009, according to data from the Emerging Markets Private Equity Association.

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Maturing industry seen for emerging markets private equity

Posted On: 13 May 2014  |  Source: Pensions & Investments  |  Author: Hazel Bradford  |  Category: EMPEA in the News

The emerging markets private equity sector “is a slightly more realistic, slightly more mature industry,” David Wilton, chief investment officer and manager of global private equity funds for International Finance Corp., told Pensions & Investments on Tuesday during a two-day global private equity conference in Washington sponsored by IFC and Emerging Markets Private Equity Association.

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Emerging market LPs eye China, Russia, credit, leverage

Posted On: 13 May 2014  |  Source: Buyouts  |  Author: Steve Gelsi  |  Category: EMPEA in the News

China, Russia, shadow banking and leverage levels in overseas private equity funds ranked among the most frequently mentioned topics in a wide range of discussions at the Global Private Equity Conference at the Ritz Carlton in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday.

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