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Changing gears at India’s start-ups

Posted On: 25 Mar 2016  |  Source: MINT  |  Category: EMPEA in the News

In late October, Silicon Valley venture capitalist Bill Gurley, speaking to The Wall Street Journal about technology start-up valuations, said, “All these private valuations are fake. They’re all on paper.” Gurley, managing partner at San Francisco-based venture capital firm Benchmark, has been openly critical for a while of the dizzying valuations attributed to technology start-ups in recent years...

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Setting the stage for private equity

Posted On: 7 Dec 2015  |  Source: CPI Financial  |  Category: EMPEA in the News

It’s a new age for private equity in Africa. According to the Emerging Markets Private Equity Association, more than $4 billion has been raised for Sub Saharan Africa focused funds, while a number of managers—Helios Investment Partners, Abraaj Capital and Development Partners International notable among them—closed funds near $1 billion...

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