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Pengelolaan Investasi di Asia Pasifik Masih Menjanjikan (Investment Management in Asia Pacific)

Posted On: 8 Apr 2015  |  Source: Investor Daily (Indonesia)  |  Category: EMPEA in the News

JAKARTAAsia Pasifik masih menjadi kawasan paling menjanjikan untuk sektor private equity (pengelolaan investasi) tahun ini, dengan nilai dealing mencapai US$ 81 miliar pada tahun 2014, naik dari US$ 50 miliar pada tahun 2013. Itu merupakan titik balik (rebound) sejak tiga tahun belakangan. Demikian disampaikan perusahaan konsultan global, Bain & Co. Head of Bain's Private Equity Practice untuk kawasan Asia Pasifik, Suvir Varma, menyatakan saat ini industri pengelolaan investasi tengah membaik dari volatilitas ekonomi global beberapa...

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African Private Equity Deals Hit Seven-Year High

Posted On: 15 Mar 2015  |  Source: Financial Times | Author(s): Madison Marriage  |  Category: EMPEA in the News

The value of private equity deals in Africa reached their second-highest level on record in 2014 as population growth and an increasingly stable political climate helped drive international interest in the continent. The total value of deals in Africa last year was $8.1bn, just short of the $8.3bn high recorded in 2007, according to figures from... 

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Zuckerberg-Backed Startup Seeks to Shake Up African Education

Posted On: 13 Mar 2015  |  Source: Wall Street Journal | Author(s): Matina Stevis and Simon Clark  |  Category: EMPEA in the News

Bridge International Academies, backed by investors including Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, has opened more than 400 schools in Kenya in a bid to bring inexpensive, private education to some of the world’s poorest children. In rural Kenya, 6-year-old Sharon Ndunge, sitting in a rough-built classroom with chicken-coop wire for windows, a tin roof and wooden benches, is among 126,000 students enrolled at the more than 400 Bridge International Academies that have sprung...

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WSJ: 5 Things Happening In Emerging Markets Private Equity

Posted On: 10 Feb 2015  |  Source: The Wall Street Journal | Author(s): Hillary Canada    |  Category: EMPEA in the News

Private equity fundraising and investment in emerging markets rebounded in 2014, aided in part by increased activity in developed markets, according to new data from the Emerging Markets Private Equity Association. Here are some highlights from the data:1 Emerging Markets Private Equity Investment Reaches Highest Level Since Financial Crisis...

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The Economist: Foreign investment in Africa – A sub-Saharan scramble

Posted On: 24 Jan 2015  |  Source: The Economist  |  Category: EMPEA in the News

When Paul Kavuma began approaching private companies in Africa a decade ago to suggest investing in their businesses and improving the way they were run, he was often shown the door. “They were offended, asking if I thought they were broke,” says the founder of Catalyst Principal Partners, an east Africa-focused fund manager...

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