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Active Strategies for Value Creation in Emerging Markets Private Equity

04 March 2015  |  10:30AM EST/ 3:30PM GMT/ 11:30PM HKT

An EMPEA Professional Development Webcast

Join Roger Leeds, Professor at the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) of the Johns Hopkins University and Founding Chairman of EMPEA, along with our panel of expert private equity practitioners for the next EMPEA Professional Development Webcast as they discuss how to actively create value in emerging markets private equity.

Key topics to be discussed include:

  • As the fundraising environment becomes increasingly competitive, what must GPs do to convincingly demonstrate they have deep value creation expertise?
  • How do you identify and evaluate value creation opportunities during the due diligence phase?
  • What are the tools that private equity investors use to create value in their portfolio companies? How to best prepare for exits?
  • When taking a minority investment position, how do you gain agreement from management on your value creation strategy before finalizing the shareholder agreement?

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Chinese Private & Distressed Debt Investing – Opportunities & Challenges

12 February 2015  |  9:30 EST/14:30 GMT/22:30 HKT

An EMPEA Professional Development Webcast

As private debt continues to grow as an asset class, China distressed debt investing has come to the forefront of investing opportunities. The continuous slowing of the Chinese economy and a growing selloff of non-performing loans heighten the pressing need to understand this unique investing option, especially when the growth story is no longer the only play for China.

Join experienced investor in Chinese distressed debt and special situations, Mr. Benjamin Fanger of Shoreline Capital, and a veteran lawyer of Chinese investments, Mr. Howard Chao of O’Melveny & Myers, to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing this strategy.

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Chinese Private Equity Market Overview

3 December 2014  |  9:30 EST/14:30 GMT/22:30 HKT

An EMPEA Professional Development Webcast

Join CDH Investments, Shoreline Capital and our panel of China private equity market experts for the next EMPEA Professional Development Webcast as they discuss China’s economic status, development outlook, and the implications on investments in China and the world.

Key topics discussed, included:

  • Ignoring the noise in the headlines, where does China's economy actually stand?
  • Hard landing, soft landing or no landing – will Beijing use extreme measures similar to the last credit expansion to “save” itself and the rest of the world’s economy?
  • Averting one debt default after another, will China follow in Japan’s footstep to a long recession after the burst of the debt problem?
  • Regardless of China's recent economic reforms, what will be the sources of its long-term economic growth?

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Mezzanine Financing in Emerging Markets

13 November 2014  |  10:00 EDT/15:00 BST/22:00 HKT

An EMPEA Professional Development Webcast

Join experts from Darby Private Equity, DEG, NBK Capital and Vantage Mezzanine for this EMPEA Professional Development Webcast as we discuss the role of mezzanine financing in emerging markets.

Key topics discussed, included: 

  • What is mezzanine, and how does its practice differ in emerging markets compared to developed markets? 
  • What are the differences / similarities in how mezzanine is practiced across each emerging market region? 
  • How big is the emerging markets mezzanine industry, and how has it performed? 
  • How should LPs think about mezzanine strategies? 
  • Where are opportunities for mezzanine investments over the next 10 years? 

Learn more about the emerging markets mezzanine industry in EMPEA's special edition report, Private Credit Solutions: Mezzanine Financing in Emerging Markets

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Changing Landscape of EM PE Fund Formation

25 September 2014  |  10:00 EDT/15:00 BST/22:00 HKT

An EMPEA Professional Development Webcast with Debevoise & Plimpton LLP

The market leading specialists at Debevoise & Plimpton LLP discussed the changing landscape of emerging markets private equity fund formation, including key terms and conditions that sponsors and investors must consider in organizing and operating emerging markets funds. Key topics discussed included:

  • Fund structuring complexities and best practices
  • Trends in emerging markets terms and conditions
  • Tax and regulatory considerations affecting fund structures and terms
  • Compliance with anti-bribery/anti-corruption laws and regulations
  • The impact of evolving global regulation on emerging markets funds

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